AJEWOLE is a name originating from the South Western (Yoruba) part of Nigeria.  The name has 3-parts as follows:
     'aje' - economic prosperity;
     'wo' - to enter
     'ile' - home / family

In English, AJEWOLE is prayer or a wish that someone is successful in his / her daily work or business venture.


For example: a trader on his / her way to the market/shop early in the morning is wished well by friends and neighbors: "aje a wole" or "aje a wole wa o", meaning wealth will come, economic prosperity will come in, etc.

Generally 'AJEWOLE' revolves around wealth, profit, prosperity and success in life's endeavor.


We are trying to put bits of historical information together on the different origins of our great, great, great ...... grand "Ajewole" parents. Where did your Ajewole come from? share your story with us!

AJEWOLE-Wealth Cometh (Free Email)

This is a free email service for all "omo Ajewole's" around the world. If you bear the wonderful "AJEWOLE" as a surnname, we will give you a free email for life: yourname@ajewole.net.

     - email address is provided free of charge,
     - please do not misuse / abuse this free service.
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